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universal woods – wrocław

przestrzeń publiczna - wrocław ul. zawalna

universal woods – wrocław ul. zawalna

the name of the design is a reference to the tradition of the place. Some of the residents mentioned universal bar – it was operating in the area for a long time. its name very aptly defines what should be the space.
zawalna is a very special place. routes of local and municipal activities intersect here but the importence is passed and ignored, while the location itself has great potential.

universal woods is a multifunctional public space, ready for any activity of the inhabitants of Wroclaw: sport, leisure, art activities, local events, and improved use of bicycles and public transport and small services. universal woods provides intimacy of dense greenery, very appreciated by the inhabitants of other parts of Wroclaw, such as Biskupin Sępolno or Krzyki, which in Karłowice and Polanka are missing.

total area: 20300 sqm
project: 2015

przestrzeń publiczna - wrocław ul. zawalna